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Last month in my series on mental health I wrote about anxiety. Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback that you sent me. I was sent some BC-based resources, which are terrific. Please take the time to look at them. 

Local Anxiety Resources:

Here are three resources that are great and are BC- based:

Anxiety BC

Here to Help

Managing Your Health


I’ve always said that I’m far from the expert on mental health, I just want to open the door to healthy dialogue and remove some...

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How to Interpret the New FSAs

As you all know, in Grades 4 and 7 all of our HCOS students write the province of BC’s Foundation Skills Assessment test (FSA). The FSA gives the Ministry of Education, schools, parents and teachers a snapshot of where students are in their foundational skills in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy/Mathematics. These tests are not used as part of our report card marks as we fully recognize that a few tests over a few days should not define someone as a learner, especially in younger grades. However,...

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Planning for the Future - A Curriculum Update

As many of you are aware, in October the Ministry changed the roll out of the Grade 10 through 12 curriculum from implementing three grades in September 2018, to just implementing one: Grade 10.


What did this mean for us as a school, and a curriculum development team? Namely, we were able to focus and put some dedicated work and resources towards doing Grade 10 well, instead of stretching ourselves thin! Praise God!


So, you may be wondering, what is rolling out in the fall?


We’ve been...

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Full STEAM Ahead with Book Clubs

Book clubs are an excellent way to integrate inquiry into your learning and to engage your children with other like- minded students in a fun virtual classroom. HCOS Learning Commons has a highly skilled set of book club moderators, who build student confidence while encouraging literacy and critical thinking skills. Our book clubs range from inquiry- based literature circles for our Grade 4 -9, to STEAM book clubs for Grades 1-5 and 8.  

This year we introduced a new French project- based book...

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