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Meet the HCOS Team - Technology Department

HCOS is a broad community spread out across our province with a wide variety of programs and departments. We believe God has brought amazing people to our staff and we would like to take time over the next several months to introduce you to various departments and divisions in our school. Our hope is that this will provide an opportunity to both learn about what we do and who the passionate people are behind it.

Over the last two months we’ve introduced you to our Curriculum Development...

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Finish Strong

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve organized a lot of elementary school track meets over the years. Too many in fact! All of those track meets have left me with many memories. I’ve always enjoyed the running events in particular. You line up a group of sweaty, hyperactive ten-year-olds at the start line, fire the starting gun, and before the puff of smoke clears they are half way around the track. There's no pacing and very little technique, but there is an abundance of overwhelming...

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Keep Them Reading

Here are some ways to keep kids actively engaged in reading during the school year and over the summer.

  • Model the kind of reader you want your child to be by reading a variety of texts and by adopting an inclusive attitude toward all types of reading materials, books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, comics.
  • Discuss and model how to find and choose reading materials and, whenever possible, allow your children to choose material they have a natural interest in reading. 
  • Make a wide variety of reading...

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You Have the Ball

Are there any football fans out there? Has anyone else had some difficult times in the past few weeks? The Lord reminded me this past week of a word he gave me one morning as I drove to a staff meeting in Vernon a few years ago. As I drove, I contemplated some ongoing difficulties I had been experiencing and I asked the Lord some questions. They were pretty simple: 

"What is happening? Why do I keep getting hit?" 

I then left my questions there and turned up the worship music. A few minutes...

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