HCOS Newsletter

February 2019

CC of the Month

C.S. Lewis' quote, "History is a story written by the fingerprint of God" has been enjoyed, developed and explored throughout the five active classrooms of Vernon CC every Tuesday morning. While each class is meeting competencies for Social Studies, the students and teachers are searching for that thread of God's grace and goodness that connects the stories of all times. God's fingerprints are everywhere- in the past, present and future.

The kindergarten class enjoyed dressing up like storybook characters or some of the community helpers that they learned about.  

In line with their study on Newfoundland and Canada, the Grade 1/2 class dressed as Mummers (a Christmas time house-visiting tradition). It was fun to guess who was behind all those layers of coats. God's fingerprints go all across Canada and from every culture and race.

Each Vernon CC teacher created essential questions to shape their class's learning this year. Questions like, "How is God’s creativity and diversity showed throughout the world?" "What connections do we have with people and places around the world?" are questions that focus our learning each week. It's been a real gift to see how the creativity and hard work of these teachers have made learning come alive in these students lives and hearts. Vernon CC is a great place to be!