HCOS Newsletter

February 2019

Keys to Discipleship

I was blessed to have been raised in a Christian home. As a child, I sometimes wondered if I had actually been born in the foyer or a Sunday school classroom or the 4th row, left side. Every time the doors were open we were there.

I believed in God for as long as I could remember and understood the basics of Jesus’ love and work in my life, but when I became a teen things changed a bit. I began to question my faith. Did I believe in God because that was what I had inherited, or did I own my faith?

Here are a few key questions that I’ve addressed that have deepened and strengthened my relationship with God.

  1. Who is God? Understanding who God is is foundational to our faith. Learning to understand the Father’s heart, His character, His attributes, His love and grace is where we need to begin.
  2. Who am I? Understanding myself: my strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, and my need for God is the next key.
  3. What does God want to do through me? Understanding that I am significant to God. He has a plan for my life that He is equipping me for.
  4. How have I been created to worship? What stirs my heart toward God? When do I feel the closest to Him? How do I hear from the Holy Spirit? (Yes, this could go with “Who am I?”)

If you’re looking for a focus in your family devotions or discussions perhaps this is a place to start. Going through the books of John or Luke, and focusing on how Jesus taught these things to his disciples, is a great way to make these books real, and disciple your children as well.