HCOS Newsletter

June 2019

"...on a world in need of REDEMPTION"

An HCOS learner is
DISCERNING, and full of WONDER at God’s world,

and sustained by HOPE
and EMPATHETIC heart,

and an ADVOCATE who is RESPONSIVE to the needs of others
SERVING in order to have an IMPACT
on a world in need of REDEMPTION.

The last paragraph in the Learner Profile emphasizes that our students should be advocates, responsive and serving others in order to have an...

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Summer Reading for Parents with Teens

Is homeschooling the right thing to be doing?  Are we doing the best for our teens by having them learn at home? These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself as the year comes to a close, especially if there are courses your student fell behind in or it is looking like a fourth year in high school might be needed.  

Parenting teens can be a challenge. Home educating them even more so. This is one reason why a community such as HCOS can be a support...

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Farewell...Sort Of

Summer is here and with it a change that brings us both sadness to announce, yet also happiness for what is to come. Bruce Hildebrandt has decided the time has come for him to retire from his administrative role as Director of K-9 and move back into teaching with HCOS. There is definitely a sense of loss as Bruce’s pastoral and caring heart, his kind and gentle demeanour, have been such a blessing to our leadership team, to the K-9 division and to the school as a...

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