HCOS Newsletter

June 2019

Farewell...Sort Of

Summer is here and with it a change that brings us both sadness to announce, yet also happiness for what is to come. Bruce Hildebrandt has decided the time has come for him to retire from his administrative role as Director of K-9 and move back into teaching with HCOS. There is definitely a sense of loss as Bruce’s pastoral and caring heart, his kind and gentle demeanour, have been such a blessing to our leadership team, to the K-9 division and to the school as a whole. Bruce has poured his heart and soul into his role and his team.

In spite of the sadness, we also announce this with a deep sense of peace and excitement for Bruce. For any of our families who have interacted with Bruce, you’ve likely seen the passion he brings to running a student workshop or a learning camp or making a home visit to a family. There is something about interacting with students and families that brings Bruce such joy. At some point this was Bruce’s plan, to return to teaching and slow down the pace a bit. When he came to us and said he felt that now was the time, we were happy to support him in this transition and we are thrilled that he will be staying with HCOS and bringing his passion for teaching to our students.

We are so thankful for all that Bruce has done for HCOS in this administrative role. We know he has had an impact in so many of our staff and families’ lives and we look forward to many more years of Bruce being a part of HCOS.

Thank you, Bruce!