HCOS Newsletter

June 2019

Nanaimo CC Update

Nanaimo CC had an excellent year of learning together.  We were a small group at 24 students, but it was amazing to see students of all ages play together during gym, socialize together during common lunch, and build community throughout.  

We ran four classes this year, a K-2 class, 3/4 class, a 5/6 class integrating Science, Social Studies and Fine Arts and a 7-9 class integrating Physics, Fine Arts and ADST.

The highlight this term was the students coming together to perform the story of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” This was a student-led production, with some of our older students adapting the script, casting students in roles, and leading rehearsal times. Students also gathered the costumes, created many of the props and were integral in seeing this production through to the performance. CC students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 each had a role, and they enjoyed getting into character and bringing the story to life.   

In addition to this huge task, our older class also planned and prepared for a dinner theatre event, designed to raise funds to help meet our budget shortfall. As part of their ADST class, they were presented with a ‘real life’ problem and they brainstormed potential solutions. One group successfully ran a family movie night earlier in the term and the second group organized the dinner theatre on performance night. Students created the advertising, did food prep, outlined a reasonable budget, wrote letters to the church board to ask for rental space, made lists of items to purchase/borrow, built props, created the centrepieces (as part of the Fine Arts Grade 3/4 class), and so much more. The final event was amazing and the whole community was so proud of each student who participated and really gave it their all