HCOS Newsletter

April 2020

Grad Program Christian Studies Changes

There are some important changes coming to the Grad Program Christian Studies program at Heritage Christian Online School. Our team has been meeting regularly over the last year to design a new program in order to better meet the needs of our community.

We are moving to two credit courses for our Christian Studies programming to allow more student choice and flexibility in their programming. Students will be able to customize their program based on their interests, choosing two, 2 credit courses that reflect their passions and activities instead of one 4 credit course.

The two credit courses are being built using HCOS’ Spiritual Life framework: Head, Heart, and Hands. Each course is designed with a focus on one of these three areas, with the goal of discipling our students in a more holistic and genuine way.

  • Head courses will focus on biblical studies, theology, and apologetics.
  • Heart courses will focus on spiritual formation and spiritual practices.
  • Hands courses will focus on leadership and service.

We believe these courses will be accessible and lead to meaningful growth for our students. Each course is designed to provide robust and engaging experiences for learners with approximately 30 hours of material, meeting the student where they are at on their spiritual journey.

Category Course
Heart Christian Ethics
Head Life and Letters of Paul
Hands Servant Leadership
Heart Identity in Christ (John)
Head Apologetics 1
Head Apologetics 2
Head, Heart or Hands Old Testament Survey 1
Head, Heart or Hands Old Testament Survey 2
Head, Heart or Hands Christian Classics
  Independent Directed Studies to support Individualized Courses

We are continuing to develop and grow our course offerings and will be adding to this list regularly.

Course registration begins May 2nd and your Grad Advisors are here to support you in navigating this change. Encom will reflect all of these changes during the registration process. Multiple courses do not need to be added all at the same time - your GA can add or remove choices as the year progresses. We envision the flexibility of this offering meeting the needs of students where they are at by capitalizing on activities they may already be doing or passions they have. Both of the pathways below will result in students receiving their HCOS Graduation Certificate while awarding credits towards the Dogwood Diploma.

Grade # of Courses # of Courses
10 2 2
11 1 2
12 1 2
Credits: 8 credits 12 credits

We hope that this newly designed experience allows students to genuinely connect their learning with their current spiritual journey. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to connect with your Grad Advisor.