HCOS Newsletter

April 2020

Spotlight on a Homeschool Mom

Homeschool support teaching differs dramatically from teaching in the classroom. After working at HCOS for a number of years, we have had to learn a lot about curriculum, online courses, family dynamics, and assessment. We have learned from our co-workers, administrators, podcasts, and lecturers. One additional resource that we have learned a lot from is the circle of moms we have in our community.

Every homeschool mom is an all-star, and the moms on the Sunshine Coast are no exception. They are always ready to support one another and willing to offer a wealth of knowledge to other moms who are not yet homeschooling.

One mom in particular that stands out in the Sechelt homeschool community is Jody Defries. Jody has been homeschooling her children for almost 15 years and will most likely be around for another 15 years, as a result of her large, beautiful family. Jody has shared her passion for home education with us as well as countless other moms, friends, and acquaintances. She is quick to provide moms with helpful books, direct them to HCOS support staff, and follows up with them, answering any questions they may have. She also shares creative ideas around sibling dynamics and suggests different ideas when trying to work around family schedules. She is real, upfront, and honest about her experiences with homeschooling, sharing both the joyous moments and also the struggles and difficulties she has faced. She never ceases to praise God for getting her through valleys and mountains and we are so thankful for her support and what she has contributed to our homeschooling community here on the Sunshine Coast. Thank you, Jody for being an encourager, advocate, friend, and sister in Christ.

Connecting with other moms can be a great resource for tangible ideas, tips and tricks to make your homeschool journey more successful. Thank you to all the moms we have been privileged to work with here in Sechelt for teaching us about faith, hope, love, patience, and endurance. Thank you for lifting us out of our homeschooling funks, and for being in the long haul with us.

If you would like to get connected with other homeschool moms in your community, we encourage you to reach out to your Support Teacher or Regional Administrator today!