HCOS Newsletter

April 2021

Be Still: The Importance of Self-Care for the Homeschooling Parent

As a homeschooling parent, it can be difficult to find time for self-care. However, in order for us to be the best self that we can be for our children, it is crucial that we also take the time to be still and nurture our own needs. In a busy household of multiple children, this might seem unrealistic. I can assure you, finding the time for yourself is not only beneficial for your family but it is also a request from our Heavenly Father.

When homeschooling my five children, I found that quiet time was hard to come by and self-care consisted of me hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes each day just to collect my thoughts and breathe. Small as it might seem, those few minutes of solitude in my day did wonders for my sanity. While I struggled with feelings of guilt when I would take the extra time out for myself, it didn’t take me long to shift that way of thinking once I began to see the difference in my day when I was intentional about creating a time and space to take care of myself. Chaos still ensued on those days, but because I had filled my bucket up first, I was better equipped to deal with the challenges of each day.

So you see, self-care is not selfishness, neither is it “pampering” (which can sometimes lead to a misconception about what self-care really is). Self-care is a means to better equip ourselves to care for our children and to serve others. Self-care is about showing compassion to yourself and modelling for your children that each of us is worthy of love and respect.

God also beckons us to become still so that we can hear His voice clearly. So often, we allow our lives and our thoughts to become so busy that we forget to take the time to just "be". Those quiet moments are essential in order for us to be able to stay grounded, find peace and to hear from God. When faced with difficult circumstances, if we stop and calm our minds, we usually find that the answers are just a prayer away! God is just waiting for us to be still and come to Him (Psalm 46:10). As we continue to pour into this next generation, let us also be reminded to be intentional about self-care and to allow God to fill up our cups as well.