HCOS Newsletter

April 2021

Tuition, Bursaries, PO Numbers and the 2021-2022 School Year

With the funding cut and introduction of tuition last year we found ourselves in new territory. Gathering and processing information on tuition and bursaries for over 6000 students was an interesting challenge. Thanks to your patience and the hard work of HCOS staff we were able to create a system that worked but was far from ideal.

To remedy that, we have been working hard to create a system that will allow families to more easily select, pay and track their tuition, as well as easily apply for bursaries. Our hope is that it provides a more transparent view of the tuition and bursary process for families while reducing the workload on our office staff. We are currently in early testing and hope to have the system available to families soon.  As we get closer to a release we will provide more information on the process to select tuition for your students.

You may be wondering what this means when it comes to PO numbers and resources for the coming school year. On April 26 we will be releasing the 21/22 PO number for families with all their documentation submitted.  These PO numbers can be used to purchase curriculum for next year and you will have access to $350. Once the tuition system is put in place, the remaining funds will become available for those who select the full tuition and resource option.

Note: You are able to register for Community Connections when they open even if it charges more than the $350. Once the tuition system comes online, if selected, the $600 will become available to cover the CC charge.

As mentioned above, this system will also allow for simple bursary applications. We remain committed to the principle that finances should not impede enrollment at HCOS.

Finally, the School Calendar for Families (2021/2022) is now available. You can access this calendar at any time to see current dates throughout the school year.