HCOS Newsletter

April 2021

Wild Exploration Learning

Explorer of the Month

Isaiah Tucker-Norton, 8, Port Hardy, B.C. Canada

Photo credit: Charles Tucker-Norton

Current Wild Explorers badge level: Elk.

  • I like: Board games, hiking and camping, spending time with my family, drawing, building lego and catching bugs.
  • I don't like: Mushrooms and kale.
  • My special skills are: Climbing things and being creative.
  • When I grow up I want to be a: Ninja.
  • My favorite wild animals are: Panthers, snakes, and wolves.
  • The best kind of adventure includes: Lighthouses, campfires, animals and family.
  • I would travel to: Squamish B.C. and England.
  • I like to collect: Rocks, sticks, sea shells and Transformer cards.
  • My favorite nature fact: Lightning never hits the same place twice.
  • The strangest food I've tried is: A shake made out of spinach.
  • I'm proud of: The fact I've done two backcountry multi-day hikes.
  • My favorite book is: The Bible and the Bear Grylls kid adventure series.
  • I love wild explorers club because: I collect badges and have fun earning them.